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Jan 1, 2019

Our theme this month is confidence.  What is confidence? The feeling of self-assuredness that comes from knowing you can accomplish something. This does not have to be a big thing, just something you want to achieve.  It could be as simple as getting an 'A' on a school assignment, or even a straight 'A' report card. It could be learning a new song or writing a story. If you know it is something you can achieve that gives you confidence!

Confidence is not something you are born with. It is a skill that can be developed. It is one of the most important life skills we teach at Karate USA. Last month we talked about goal-setting. When you achieve those goals it builds your confidence to go for larger goals. That is one of the beauties of our belt and stripe system; we achieve small goals on our way to accomplishing a big goal.

Imagine how having more confidence will help you in school or in a job when you get older. One thing to be wary of is false confidence. This is confidence you may have been convinced you have, but really don’t. If someone was building you up by telling you how strong you are and then talked you into trying to lift a 500 pound weight and you are only 10 years old well, you are probably not going to be able to lift it. Confidence is a great thing to have. Over-confidence and false confidence will do you more harm than good. Use your common sense and the skills you learn at Karate USA and things will work out well!

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