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Our Students Say:

"I originally joined with a friend of mine to learn self-defense; we are both women who eventually want to travel and thought taking a few classes wouldn't be a bad idea. The main instructor, Mr. Saret, is excellent with the young ones, and is also good at keeping us adults on target with what we are supposed to be practicing (most of the time). He is very knowledgeable and willing to try new things. He is not only good at keeping the younger students on track, but he's also great at making it fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. The black belts who help instruct are also friendly, but each one has a different approach to different scenarios, which can make things challenging and interesting. It's been more that a few classes now, and I'm still going. This place, and the people who work here and come to class here, make me feel accepted and happy. Yes, I'm learning self-defense. But I'm also enjoying myself and having fun.

What more could I ask for?"

- Samantha Cornwell

"I am an adult who has been active in Karate USA for the last 13 years, along with my wife, son and daughter. I know Mitch Saret to be an excellent instructor, both knowledgable and willing to teach. His classes for young children gets them active and involved while teaching them skills. For older children he teaches them good karate and self-defense skills while building their esteem. For adults, both traditional martial arts and self-defense are stressed. His classes would be excellent for anyone interested in learning to protect themselves in the real world. I would highly recommend Karate USA to anyone."

- Mike Monahan